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Getting Started

Five-Step Installation Guide#

1. Invite Crewmate to your server#

To get the bot running you need to invite the bot to your server.

Note that you have to have the "Administrator" or "Manage Server" permission on any server you want to invite the bot to. Make sure you choose the correct server and keep all permissions ticked.


2. Crewmate role position#

In order to change nicknames properly and to visualize who owns a voice channel, put the Crewmate role on top of all other roles.


3. Set up the whitelist#

By default, all users and roles need to be added to the whitelist to allow them any interaction with the bot. In order to add a specific user or role to the whitelist, type .whitelist add <user|role>. You can either @ mention a user/role or provide their corrosponding ID.

It is recommended to either put a default role on the whitelist like "Member" or you create an Among Us specific role like "Among Us" that you give users manually or which users are allowed to claim by reaction roles.

4. Join a voice channel#

If you want to start a game session, join a voice channel and type .claim. Crewmate changes your nickname to start with a crown emoji ๐Ÿ‘‘ to mark the channel owner. Now everytime you mute yourself everyone else in the channel will get muted as well.


Note: server owner's name can never be changed!

5. You're done!#

Congratulations, you just set up Crewmate for your discord server.

If you need any help feel free to join the official support server: