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Administrator Specific Commands

All administrator specific commands can be executed by server members with "Administrator" or "Manage Server" permission. Administrators can run all manager specific commands as well!

Change Bot Prefix#


.changeprefix <prefix>

Change the prefix serverwide for all commands Crewmate listens to. For example, if you change the prefix to "-" (.changeprefix -), everytime you want to run a command you have to type the new prefex instead: -help or -changeprefix.

Manager List#


.manager <add | remove> <user | role | userID | roleID>

Modify the manager list. "Managers" is a list of users and roles that can execute all manager commands and can always claim channels, even blacklisted channels. If you don't want a user to have the "Administrator" or "Manage Server" permission but you want them to configurate Crewmate for you server (whitelisting / blacklisting) or to execute channel managing commands, put them or one of their roles in the manager list.

Configuration Reset#



Reset all of Crewmate's configuration for you discord server, including manager list, whitelists and blacklists. Prefix will not be affected by the reset. Note that the whitelist level will be reset to default value 1.