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Frequently Asked Questions

What can the channel owner do if they get killed?#

Recommended ways to keep the game flowing:

  • Continue "auto muting" everyone on self mute BUT:
    1. Just keep quiet on meetup
    2. Turn off your microphone input on the hardware side
  • Mute yourself once you are dead using .mute <@ your name> and use .unmute <@ your name> when a new game starts
    • Note: You can still continue muting everyone on self mute by using a discord keybind for "Toggle Mute" action

This works as well:

  • Toggle the muting behavior (.togglemute) once and type .mute all / .unmute all everytime there is a meeting
  • Give another player (who is still alive) the role as the channel owner (.setowner <user | userID>). You should tell them about the channel owner change to prevent confusion.

Why is my channel not claimed yet?#

First check your permissions (.permission). Depending on the server's whitelist settings you may need to be added to the whitelist or the channel has to be added to the whitelist as well.

Why am I still muted after I left a channel?#

This is most likely due to the bot not being able to see your voice channel. Make sure to join any voice channel the bot can see and you will get unmuted. Normally, you will get unmuted automatically if you change a channel or join one even after you left a while ago. You may need to ask server administrators to remove the server mute otherwise.

Isn't this an exploit to unmute yourself?#

No! You can get unmuted serverwide by joining and leaving a ongoing party, BUT you can create a role and set channel permissions so troublemakers cannot join the channel or simply deafen them.

I forgot the bot's prefix, what can I do?#

In case you forgot Crewmate's command prefix or someone else changed it, simply mention Crewmate that responds with the prefix on your server.

Why is my nickname not changing?#

Make sure Crewmate's role is higher than other in order to change nicknames properly. Crewmate cannot change server owner's nickname or users with a role higher than Crewmate!

Why is Crewmate not muting members in a channel?#

The problem is that Crewmate can only fetch members in a voice channel who joined the voice channel after the bot was added to the discord server. Just ask everyone to rejoin the voice channel. In order to prevent spam, all self mute actions have a cooldown of 2 seconds.

Why do i need a user/role ID or channel ID?#

Especially channel IDs are used to whitelist channels since mentions of a voice channel are not that easy. User and role IDs can also be used to add/remove them from a whitelist or blacklist. To get the corrosponding ID, go to Discord Settings > Appearance > Developer Mode > toggle mode to True. Then simply right click a user or channel and get the ID. Role IDs can be obtained by right clicking a role in the server settings.

Why does it say 'user not found' when I provide a user ID?#

Due to a new API update, the bot needs to cache the member list. On large servers, the bot might not fetch all users leading to the error message. Try mentioning the @ user instead. Otherwise check if you provided the correct user ID.